Solution Pricing

Solution subscription rates include a fully managed and supported site within a shared hosting environment.

# Users Price per Month
1 Admin
$14.95  (includes a single administrator account - perfect for informational websites not requiring user interaction)
30 $29.95
50 $39.95
100 $59.95
$89.95 (Note: solutions configured for large numbers of concurrent users may require a virtual or dedicated server for optimal performance - see below)

Additional Fees

 Description  Price
Setup and Configuration (one time fee)
Additional Processing Memory per 100 MB (optional)
$10.95 per month
SSL Certificate (optional)
$99.00 per year
Dedicated Virtual Server (optional)
$89 per month
Dedicated Physical Server (optional)
$199 per month
Custom Logo Design (optional)
Site content / structure development
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