Below is a complete list of web solution features divided into two broad categories:

  1. A collection of tools to help you create, edit, and maintain content on your site with a simple, intuitive, user interface.
  2. An extensive collection of web site applications ("modules") that you can add to any page with just a few mouse clicks. These modules offer a broad range of functionality to create an interactive, collaborative user experience.


Unlimited child portalsA child portal is a sub-site that exists under your main site. For example, a child portal may be accessed in the following manner: www.[YourDomainName].org/[ChildPortalName]. The child portal can function as an entirely separate web site from its parent, offering the opportunity to create and manage multiple web sites under a single Biz-Link subscription. This feature is useful when you want to create a separate site for a particular department, product line, etc.
Unlimited pages / nested pagesAdd pages / child pages according to your specific requirements without limits or quotas.
Tabbed / dropdown menu navigationSite navigation can be configured to display a set of horizontal tabs and / or nested drop down menus. Vertical side bar menus are also available.
Hidden PagesYou have the choice of whether or not to include a page in the main navigation menu. If a page is not included in the menu, you can still link to it based on its page URL.
Customizable Menu StructureAdministrators have complete control of the site navigation structure. Easily set / move pages to any place in the menu hierarchy to organize site navigation according to your needs.
Multiple Language SupportThe Biz-Link application framework supports multiple languages for display of text, labels, and site content. The application currently supports 60 + languages, including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.
Site SkinningBiz-Link employs a site skinning mechanism that allows administrators to change the look and feel of their web site with just a few mouse clicks.
Unlimited Roles and Role GroupsAdministrators can create an unlimited number of roles, which can be used to define site security or functional distinctions among members. Each member can be assigned to any number of roles. Roles may be organized into groups for easy categorization.
Recycle BinThe Recycle Bin stores all pages and modules that have been deleted from a site. These pages and modules can be restored or permanently removed.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FeaturesAdministrators can configure a site map which can be submitted to one or more Search Engines for improved search optimization. You can then easily register your site with Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
Site / Page / Module / Item level securitySite security can be managed at the site, page, and content levels, providing administrators the ability to apply security in any manner according to their needs. Permissions may be assigned to pages and content by role or individual member(s), allowing detailed control over access to both content and functionality.
Page level skinningA skin may be applied to a single page, set of pages, or the entire site.
Page / module start and expiration datesEach page and module configuration contains optional start and expiration dates, allowing administrators to post date and / or expire pages and content in advance.
Page / module auto copy and referencingExisting pages may be copied with their content and used anywhere in the site. Modules may be copied to or referenced from other pages, allowing content to be shared across the site.
RSS FeedsRSS (Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow site users to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from selected modules.
WYSIWYG editingWhat You See Is What You Get: Content authoring is similar to using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, enabling even non-technical users to create and maintain web site content.
HTML source editingAdvanced users with adequate permissions can switch to HTML view to directly modify the source code of HTML content modules.
Image / document / Flash / media librariesThe HTML Editor module (see application features list) is equipped with library functions that enable cotent authors to upload, manage, and insert multiple file / media types, including images, documents, Flash movies, MP3, etc.
Expand / collapse HTML sectionsThe expandable Text/HTML module allows content authors to create sections of content on a page that end users can expand and collapse with a mouse click.
Pop-up form navigationPop-up form navigation presents the user with a modal dialog window with a prompt and one or more navigation actions.
Integrated Spell CheckerMisspelled words are automatically underlined in red. Content authors can right click to expose a list of possible alternatives, or initiate spell checking on an entire area of text.
Content StagingAdministrators can set the content publishing workflow to either direct publish or content staging. Content staging allows authors to make incrementatal changes and preview content prior to publishing to the site.
Content VersioningThe system will automatically save versions of published content.
Change TrackingWhen change tracking is turned on, authors can view the various content changes that have been made during a particular session.
Content RollbackAuthors can revert web content back to a prior version.
Help FilesThe Help module can be configured to display an on-line library of help files organized by category.
Printable versions of pagesEach module can be set to display a Print icon that displays a printable version of its content in a separate browser window.
Member Registration & LoginEach site can be configured to allow site visitors to register for an on-line account. When logged in, registered users may be permissioned to view restricted content, pages, and functionality.
Product DocumentationEach site subscription includes a detailed administrator's guide.
Third party widget supportAdministrators can easily insert functionality available from other web sites, such as weather, news, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
AnnouncementsThe Announcements module produces a list of simple text announcements consisting of a title and brief description. Options include a read more link to a file, page or other site. Link click tracking and logging are also available. Announcements are ordered from newest to oldest; unless a view order is specified. Announcements publish / expiration dates are also supported.
Art & Photography GalleryUsers can upload and display images of original artwork or photography. Entries may be categorized and sorted. Users may add comments and ratings.
ArticlesThe Articles module allows advanced articles to be created with functionality such as multi-page, publish/expire dates, categories, comments, ratings, etc. Security can be broken down to allow other registered users to submit and approve articles. Other tools such as RSS, Search, and PDF export are also provided.
BannersThe Banners module displays advertising for other companies. You are in control of the management of both vendor accounts and their advertising banners.
BlogThe web log ("blog") module allows users to communicate their ideas to other users in an organized, accessible format. The blog module allows other users to add comments and ratings. Blogs may be published to social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.
Business Card DirectoryMembers can share their own business card information via a highly customizable interface that supports images, links, styles, and more.
ChatGroup chat which can be used by all users on your site, or a subset of users based upon assigned roles
Child Page ListDisplays a hyperlink list of all pages nested under any other page.
ClassifiedsAllows users to post their own classified ads by category. Includes automated email notifications, categorization, and search functionality.
Classroom WorkspaceBiz-Link provides on-line workspaces that organize applicable modules together to facilitate multi-media on-line classes and training spaces
ConsoleDisplays a graphical list of all pages nested under the current page.
Contact UsA simple form that allows visitors to your site to send you email messages and contact information
Contacts JournalThe Contacts Journal is a tool used to maintain a list of sales contacts and to track and facilitate the follow up process.
Contacts ListThe Contacts module allows users to store a list of contacts and relevant related information. Each entry may contain a contact photo, personal and business information, links to employees or sales team members, and notes.
Content DeJourA text/html module which dynamically selects its content based on the current month, day of month, day of year, day of week, profile property, time of day as well as by optional category
Content TaggingEach page (or module within a page) can be tagged with any number of pre-defined descriptive labels (tags) that enables users to find content beyond the capabilities of a traditional web site search.
Course Grade BookThe Course Grade Book module is designed to give instructors a method of sharing grade information with students. It features an ability to track multiple courses, govern student access by user role, handle multiple tests or assignments, enter grades by student, customize grade point totals, student grade reports, class average scoring, and teacher comments. The module may function within the Classroom Workspace, or as a standalone module anywhere on your site.
Course QuizThe Course Quiz module is a Quiz/Testing engine built to work within the Classroom Workspace, or as a standalone module anywhere on your site. Site administrators can create quizzes, and make them available to users by assigning specific quizzes to user roles. Once the quiz has been created users can take the quiz at any time, and they will receive instant feedback regarding the pass/failure of the quiz.
CountDownUpA simple counter that allows you to visually track the number of days / hours / minutes to a set day / time.
Custom Forms and ListsThe Custom Form and List module allows the creation of a list of records with fields (columns) that can be specified by administrators. Each field gets a dedicated type with various additional options like dropdown selection, input validation,input help text, and formatting. Data entry forms are automatically generated by the list definition. Choose to display the form, list, or both to end users. The module also supports data sorting, paging, and searching. Automated email notifications can be set up to generate an email message when items are created, modified, or deleted.
Decisions ListThe Decisions List provides a means to document, store, and review decisions related to a particular department, team, committee, or group.
Discussion ForumsThe discussion forum module provides the ability for users to start discussion threads and reply to other people's threads. The forum features includes Role Avatar support, User Banning, Post Reporting Details, Direct Post Links w/ Anchors, Admin/Moderator/User Control Panels, Per Forum RSS Enable/Disable, Support for Multiple Attachments, Support for Inline Post Image Attachments, Per Forum FROM Notification Email Addresses, Email Queue, Subforum Support, Thread Bookmarking, Notification Management , Support for Limiting Post Edit Period, My Posts Support, Search Keyword Highlighting, Private Messaging Outbox, Jump to Last Unread Post Support, Ability to view latest threads by time frame and more.
DocumentsThe Documents module provides file sharing functionality within the organization. Upload, store, categorize, describe, and download a multiple of document file types.
Event Planning WorkspaceThe Event Planning Workspace provides a collection of modules that may be used to organize and plan for an event.
Events CalendarA robust event calendar module that includes a wealth of features such as month / week / day views, all day and recurring events, event categories, location management, schedule conflict checking, event registration with PayPal integration, enrollment moderation, RSS syndication, event priority settings, automated email notifications, automated event expiration, event detail pages, sub-calendars, export to Outlook contacts, and more.
Expense ReportsBiz-Link provides the ability for employees to enter expenses into a customizable data entry form, and reporting functionality that aggregates data for accounting and reimbursement purposes.
FAQsThe FAQs Module allows Authorized Users to manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their corresponding answers. The question is displayed as a link, requiring the user to click on a question to view the corresponding answer.
FeedbackThe Feedback module provides a means for web site visitors or members to communicate with administrators or department leaders in a variety of ways: ask a question, offer suggestions or comments on a predefined topic, sign up for or express interest in an event or activity, etc. Administrators can optionally solicit contact information from users, and can implement content moderation. Feedback content is both forwarded to you via email and recorded in a secure location on your web site for further reference.
File ManagerAdministrators can manage the files stored in their upload directory. This module allows you to upload new files, download files, delete files, set permissions, and synchronize your upload directory. It also provides information on the amount of disk space used and available.
Flash BannerThe Flash Banner module allows you to insert a set of images into your web site and will automatically rotate them at regular intervals. Multiple transition effects are available, as well as an optional menu that allows users to scroll through available images.
Google AdSenseAdSense is an advertisement application run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video. This module allows you to include AdSense content in your web site.
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics (abbreviated GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. This module allows you to interact with this service in an easy to implement manner.
HTML EditorAdd any web content to your web site with MS Word style editing. Add text, images, links, and tables. Supports video and Flash movie integration, spell checking, content approval, versioning, change tracking, and content rollback.
IFrameThe IFrame Module displays content from another website within an inline frame on your site.
Issues ListThe Issues List provides a means to document, store, and monitor issues related to a particular department, team, committee, or group.
Job BoardThe Job Board allows members to post job openings from any number of external sources.
Jobs WantedThe Jobs Wanted list allows users to post their resume and job availability.
LinksThe links module is designed to display user links in several different formats and styles, including a simple list and drop down. You can add a link to an external web site, a page on your site, or a user profile. Links can be opened in the same or a new window, and can display a detailed description of the link content. Includes link tracking by number of clicks and user.
MapAdds mapping to your web site via Google maps functionality.
MediaThe Media module allows you to display image, video, and audio files on your Web page. The media can either be located on another Web site, or uploaded to your Web site. The Media module also lets you add a link from an image.
Meeting WorkspaceA Meeting Workspace provides a meeting preparation area to gather and notify attendees (via automated email notifications), organize the agenda, objectives, and any related documents, as well as a structured space to store historical artifacts generated from a meeting, including documents, decisions, and follow up items.
Member DirectoryThe member directory offers a rich list of features around your membership and roles information, including contact list and address card view, user roles, custom grouping, and My Roles view. Members can manage their own profile photos and export contacts to vCard format for importing into MS Outlook. Roles and member filters may be applied, allowing various groups and teams to configure and use the directory according to their own needs and preferences. The directory may be filtered to function as a staff directory. Search user profiles by any or all profile properties. Advanced reporting features with output to MS Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, and Tiff formats. Administrators can upload new members from a CSV file, and export the entire directory to MS Excel.
News FeedsThe News Feed Module provides visitors with collected excerpts of content from other modules/websites. This is done via so-called 'syndication' (RSS).
NewslettersThe Newsletters module allows administrators or authorized users to send bulk email to all users belonging to one or multiple selected roles and can also specify additional email addresses manually.
Photo GalleryA feature-rich photo gallery. The module allows photo(s) to be uploaded, thumbnailed and browsed. Advanced functionality includes approval of photo(s), albums, bulk upload, search integration, tags and syndication via RSS feeds. Use the gallery to share photos of special events, missions trips, etc.
Private MessagingThe Private Messaging module allows users to send messages, search for other users and receive notifications. Advanced messaging functionality such as emoticons, signatures and read receipts are also provided.
ReportsThe Reports Module is designed to display data from your web site's database. Biz-Link staff can configure the Query used to retrieve data and then users with edit permissions on the module can change the way it is displayed.
SearchThe search input module allows users to search for content from all pages across your web site. The search results module is then used to display results to the user. Results are ranked by relevance and include links to each page returned.
Site MapThe site map module displays all the pages on your site in a hierarchical tree view format, providing a high-level view of your entire web site. The module is permission-aware, displaying only the pages authorized for viewing by the current user.
Site WizardThe site wizard provides administrators with an easy method to provision a site with a template and skin
StoreThe store module allows you to sell products using either Authorize.Net or PayPal. Display items for sale or distribution by category along with shopping cart check out and user account management.
SurveysThe Survey Module generates an easy-to-complete survey to which website visitors can add their input. Survey results are rendered as a bar chart and include the number of individual responses.
Task ListThe task list provides a simple and efficient way for individuals or teams to record and track progress of items in a to-do list. Tasks may be assigned to other members, prioritized, categorized, and tracked against due dates, percent complete, and status.
Team Collaboration WorkspacesThe Team Collaboration Workspace provides a secure, on-line sub-site that organizes applicable modules together to facilitate collaboration, communication, and community for teams.
Tell A FriendThe Tell A Friend module allows users to quickly and easily send an email to a friend containing a link to a page on your web site.
Time SheetThe Time Sheet module provides functionality for recording time spent on various (configurable) tasks or projects.
Users OnlineThe Users Online Module displays one or all of three membership information: membership details, people online, and members online.
VendorsAdministrators can manage the Vendors and Banners associated to the portal. This module allows you to add a new vendor, modify an existing vendor, and delete a vendor.
Video GalleryThe Video Gallery module allows administrators to maintain a library of videos on the web site. Videos may be uploaded and played from the web site, or streamed from an external source (such as You Tube). Source videos may be of a variety of file formats, and are converted to Flash video format for universal accessibility. Users may search for videos by category or keyword, add comments and ratings, and view a list of related videos organized into a series. You can insert videos on any page in your site, either into a list or within an individual player. The video gallery also supports MP3 files, and can function alternatively as an audio library.
Visitor CounterThe visitor counter is used to track the number of hits to your web site. The counter may be configured using a variety of different style options, and can be used in "stealth" mode, visible only to administrators.
WikiThe wiki module allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked Web pages
WorkspacesThe Workspaces module is an administrative tool used to automatically create any type of Biz-Link workspace. Administrators (or other authorized users) enter the name and location of the new workspace, assign security permissions, and select a workspace type. The system then generates a new workspace, including all pre-defined modules and functionality. The Workspaces module can be optionally configured to create a specified workspace type, enabling users to create a new workspace with a single mouse click.