EccleTech Web Solutions

EccleTech offers a complete web solution package for both small businesses and member based organizations. All solutions include a collection of tools to help you create, edit, and maintain content on your site with a simple, intuitive, user interface, as well as an extensive collection of web site applications ("modules") that you can add to any page with just a few mouse clicks. These modules offer a broad range of functionality which empowers you to create any combination of the following:
  • An interactive, social networking experience for your customers or site members
  • A team collaboration site for planning and sharing resources and ideas
  • A secure extranet platform, enabling you to share resources and information with customers, vendors, and partners
  • An e-Commerce platform allowing you to sell products and services on the web
  • A robust document management system
  • A custom data repository
  • And more … our platform is fully extensible to accommodate third party module extensions or custom application development.
Solution packages are offered in two broad “flavors” which use similar tools, depending on your needs:


Biz-Link is designed to meet the needs of small businesses. Our first rate web site content management system enables organizations to easily maintain a web presence and share the responsibility of site maintenance across the company with no technical expertise required. Biz-Link is the perfect small business company intranet, offering secure document management and resource sharing, and can be extended as a corporate extranet, allowing customers and vendors secure access to information and resources.


Member-Link is all about linking people and groups together under a website solution uniquely branded to your organization. Member-Link goes way beyond popular social networking capabilities by putting you in complete control of both the look and functionality of your site. Create a private social network that allows members to interact online, share resources, and get connected through an extensive collection of social media tools while maintaining a public web presence for your organization.